• We are Ruby on Rails developers.

    Working with startups since 2008, we have specialised in creating efficient and skillfully-made web applications.

  • Your idea is important to us.

    We can help you develop it, make it grow and turn it into a real­-life business.

  • Our approach is different each time...

    ... but we always start with carefully selecting our tools to make sure that your idea will not get sidetracked along the way.

Rapid MVP development

Your idea always leads the way. We want to unlock its potential by creating an application that will be able to follow your initial concept.

Further focus on post-MVP products

The whole process is long - term and consisting of adding new features to applications and testing them accordingly.

Maintaining and developing existing products

We build our applications in a way that makes maintaining them simple and intuitive. We also provide a required technical support in case you would like to take your product to the next level.

Support and consulting services for startups

We are firm believers in the idea that sharing your passion with others helps you learn and grow more efficiently. That is why we are always up for discussing the best ways of creating functional and well-designed web applications.

Following Agile methodology

We are all about establishing long-­term relations with our collaborators and we aim to base these on transparency, clear communication and trust.

A bit of theory...

To help you understand our way of working more, here are the things that we value (to see more, please click on the boxes below):
Because product should work for you, not the other way around. We create applications that are consistent, flexible and easy to use.
We provide you with tools that will give you an in-depth insight into how your product is developed at any point of the process. We use Trello, Jira, Slack and Skype on a daily basis.
Ensured by implementing peer code review. We deliver code that can be effortlessly maintained and further developed at any time.
Consisting of motivated individuals who work directly with you. We do take our job seriously (not too seriously, though, so yes, we do not shy away from some joke cracking sessions from time to time).
We take our time to check every aspect of the product and to make sure that it closely follows your primary idea.
Trust is at the very core of our business and that is what all of our collaborations have been based on so far. Signing a NDA is a good way to guarantee that your idea is protected along the way.

This is how it works in practice:

Please see details of our workflow below.
We start with your idea and we explore it in accordance with your individual needs and expectations, which - we do admit - involves a lot of sketching and doodling. Then we build an application prototype.
We keep tweaking it and adding new features, working closely with you, until we both feel that product is ready to be reviewed. And here comes our next stage…
Intense and detailed testing is key to the product development process. We work with the user in mind and our applications are reflections of that, with ‘self-healing’ functionalities already applied at the coding stage.
We are always happy to apply changes to products we are working on to ensure that they will pass a real-life test of facing their first users.
And yes, this is not our final stage yet. We implement even more changes at that point to ensure your users receive the product that we are both satisfied with.

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